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NEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) has organized a retreat at Ngozi for the benefit of its members and its staff. The Retreat was held under the theme: elections in Burundi, challenges and prospects.
The specific objective was to analyse the challenges encountered during the elections of 2015 due to the media and social networks being manipulated by some politicians and some men of civil society which has been a challenge and a danger to the electoral process of 2015.
According to Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, President of ceni, some media have fallen into the trap of political manipulation and unfortunately they forgot that they had the obligation to respect the ethical and professional ethics. He also emphasized that the success of the ceni to overcome the traps media related to overload and misinformation of the people of Burundi was facilitated by the will of the rural population in its massive participation in the elections and the bravery of exponential staff And members of ceni. As for the upcoming elections of 2020, Pierre Claver Ndayicariye did a wink at all electoral partners lessons at all levels in order to attach importance to the anticipation of the problems encountered in the electoral process of 2015. Retirement will last six days from 06 June.

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