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There are currently too many topics / issues a reflection but alas confusion about what the near future of Burundi. No ahubwo uticunze ugusara wosara.
1. QUESTION OF 3th mandate not – yet resolved and negotiation has arusha.
2. Proposal for a change of constitution which would propose the illimitation mandates of 7 years this time.
3. Speech President = King = 2TH PERSONALITY AFTER GOD.
4. Girls sold in Oman and Saudi Arabia passing in the unique ” gate ” of the bujumbura international airport in front of the eyes of the ‘ authority “.
5. Schoolchildren and students (300) chased out of schools and others who receive a prison of 5 years has ten years to get scribbled pictures. And when an authority made a media outlet has this subject that is to say ” Zero tolerance ” or the whole world is in the process of ” throwing herbs ” KW ‘Ifungwa Ry’ Abana.
Or are we? Burundi = North Korea?
It recalls what mr. Louis Michel said one day that burundi had entered a situation (d ‘” Totally unrealistic “.
Meanwhile, in all the capitals of the neighbouring countries; it is a relentless pursuit to the economic development of countries and their citizens.
Following the call of the Pope, pray for this small country planter and exporter of tea and coffee, landlocked between Africa and central (ATTENTION: it’s like this that those who write on burundi by minimising its economic performance qualified him . It’s not coming from me).

Criminal Paul Kagame