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: fall of 40 % of the volume of exports of Rwanda to the burundi in response to the crisis in burundi
According to the rwandan minister of commerce and industry, since the crisis erupted in Burundi, the import and export between Rwanda and burundi are evil. In A Press Conference that he has animated this Thursday, the minister françois kanimba speaks of a fall of 40 % of the volume of exports.
” our industry had already fixed on the market of Burundi. Many of our importers and exporters had also made connections with the burundian businessmen across documents of memorandum to market in burundi the industrial products from Rwanda. But since that burundi is in political and security crisis, for example between 2014 and 2015, the volume of our exports has significantly dropped by 40 % ” says he.
The Rwandan Minister of trade and industry adds that his country has already lost more than $ 8 million that came from this trade.
” the figures show that at the end of 2014, Rwanda exported to burundi predominantly industrial products with a value of $ 20 million American. But today, we are a $ 12 million American ” A-He-indicated.
The recent action taken by bujumbura to prohibit any export to Rwanda is strongly criticised by kigali who believes that it is the burundian population suffers more.
” this measure will against the treaty of the eac in connection with the common market. And that’s the eac which should handle it. But I believe that this decision will weigh heavy on the burundian population who exported its products to Rwanda. And I think that the authority will eventually come back on the said decision. “
Rwanda Burundi exported products manufactured viviers like corn flour, milk, juice, but also the potatoes and the bean while the burundi exported to Rwanda mainly palm oil, fish, vegetables, Little weight and fruit.
The Ministry of commerce and industry reassures that Rwanda will resort to other countries like Uganda and Tanzania to buy products from Burundi.

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