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Hussein radjabu thinks he’s still president of the cndd-FDD
By a press release that, probably for lack of a psychic more befitting which would grant him the tribune he had to announce on social networks, hussein radjabu just slammed the door of the cnared-Giriteka!
“good riddance”, seems to be mean to the one who murdered the cndd-fdd the silence that the cnared has reserved for his release. Because Hussein Radjabu, is that right, first of all: he is the killer of the cndd-Fdd; he is the one which or by which all the evils that were eventually send the tomb the cndd-fdd came or went. And decided that it is to do acts of mass destruction his career, he made arrow of all wood to destroy the cnared-Giriteka. In desperation, he just quit.
In the aftermath, I’m going to try to paint you a picture not exhaustive of the image of this ” Wolf ” who has always presented under the skin of a ” lamb “.
1. Radjabu, the architect of fratricidal massacres.

Nkurunziza and rdajbu hussein still at macquis! Hussein ordered the slaughter of combatants and assigned the murders to nyangoma.
At the fort of the rebellion cndd, the current said “Grand-Northerner” haunts the minds of those who want to battle with nyangoma whose only sin is to be a native of bururi, the nursery of what was military oligarchy tutsi. I just need to find a ploy. This is how radjabu will orchestrate massacres soldiers mostly originating in the regions of the centre and the is that it will load on the back of the man of songa yet long absent from ground (his sin real! ). As this is understood, it should be dismiss without triggering a whirlpool, so by creating, in advance, a situation which could make him the man that no one can cry! In May 1998, the “Monster” fell. Radjabu offered temping to ndayikengurukiye the nephew of the dismissed (a strategy of rajabu; just enough time to calm the spirits) before entrust everything to the one who was to become “Peter 1st”, the king of burundi rotten.
Had this not been the tradespeople of a certain radjabu so, burundians would not be fell under the claws of a “Eagle” named nkurunziza and crunch them with appetite!
Once the cndd-fdd in power, radjabu becomes the almighty honourable president of the party. He will never heal tyrannical reflexes of the maquis, quite the opposite. For Him, everything and everyone should be for the party cndd-Fdd, and the offender paid him cash.
This is how he proceeded to kill any opposition, and to start talking about hutu of fnl. They will be hunted down like wild animals. And that there may be fulfilled his word like what “Umwansi nor umwansi; umwansi ntagira ubwoko” (enemy is the enemy; the enemy has not ethnicity; an allusion to the fact that the fnl must be slaughtered, whatever hutu), An unknown number of prisoners hutu will be exterminated. It’s as well as at least 40 bodies of the “intumva”, like hussein had named any opposition, and will be found in the rivubu river. They were all, of the former prisoners fnl dungeons of military camp in muyinga mukoni./
In the same vein, it is to be deplored the case of some 250 young fnl (including many students) fell to buterere end August beginning September 2007 in the trap of a certain gatayeri, a “Subcontractor” Cndd-Fdd.
Always in the context of the massacres insiders or orchestrated by radjabu, we cannot ignore the tragic disappearance of Simon Nyandwi, minister of the interior since the entry of the cndd-fdd in the interim government. Suspected of wanting to run the presidential term so that he even had the approval of many of the militants, the former consul of burundi in kigoma will be murdered, poisoned by a cup of tea according to all sources.

By who directly? If it is difficult to prove objectively the guilt of radjabu in this tragedy, it is logical to ask why radjabu has, in person, deterred the widow to conduct an autopsy, in exchange for the juicy post of presidency of the National Assembly! And this question is all the more relevant that madam immaculate wasn’t even a member of the cndd-FDD PARTY! It should be noted that she had left the cndd-fdd since his son-in-law, Dr.. Nahimana Marc, had been murdered by soldiers acting on behalf and under the direct command of the same cndd-Fdd.
2. Hussein radjabu is witnessing a gruesome scene at the stadium: an eagle devours a rooster
L’ man who pretends to be a lamb today is a devil! Indeed to demonstrate that he came to destroy the party sahwanya-Frodebu, in the aftermath of their victory, he officiated a ceremony at the stage where we offered a huge eagle a live rooster. The gruesome scene was an unbearable violence even in the eyes of the militants of the party winner! This animosity bewildering painted the character radjabu and predicted the fate that he’s booked later in the party sahwanya-Frodebu.
3. Nkurunziza reigned, radjabu ruled
If the cndd-fdd failed the passage of the armed movement riding a maquis to a political party leader a Republic, the author of this failure is none other than “gahanga”, as we call him now from journalism.
En effect, finding himself at the head of a country that he would never have managed if radjabu had not offered the wand of command of the maquis on a platter of gold, nkurunziza was only a puppet; he reigned, radjabu ruled! It’s radjabu who took all the measures engaging the state of its lowest at its highest level. Even the c. V candidates technical posts of the civil service had to be screened at the magnifying glass to the permanence of national party by the very powerful honourable president of the cndd-FDD PARTY!
Imagine that Martin Mbazumutima, chief of staff of the president, was at the same time intelligence agent of radjabu with the presidency! He had the mission to inform radjabu on all movements of the president, on all its hearings, the incoming and outgoing letters…,. So, when, God forbid, the president signed a decree of appointment without reference to radjabu, the decree should Be cancelled, including when he was already in force!

Former Vice-President Kadege, tortured under the cameras
3. Radjabu attempts to assassinate former president ndayizeye, torture kadege and creates willy nyamitwe
The man who wants to pretend to be a donor of lessons in democracy and e respect for the law has arrested the former president domitien ndayizeye. But in this operation he had expected that the custody of ndayizeye was resistance to his arrest; in this resistance a platoon had been designated for the executed in the confusion. God helping former president ndayizeye ordered his guard to let the men of radjabu humiliate her by this arrest rescues. But Kadege will not have the same luck, he was tortured in front of a camera of willy nyamitwe. It’s the same radjabu who will put the video of the horrible torture and degrading of kadege in circulation. He was the only one to have this “precious” document.
Beyond this torture and this assassination attempt, hussein radjabu is the procreator willy nyamitwe. This is his creation! It’s really ridiculous that the same man gets today posing as a defender of respect for the law! It’s to cry that the architect and founder of the devil nyamitwe willy tries to give lessons in the cnared-Giriteka.
4. The man who has the phobia of the free press
We can forget everything of radjabu except the evocation of the fable ” gahanga wishwe iki no!”.
Indeed, his fear of the freedom of the press the intoxicating, radjabu evocated, one of these days, this famous tragic fable (in the classic sense of the term since there is death of man! Burundian) who allégorise on the duty of the discretion negative! The allusion was made to the journalists who mingled of what really looked at them, in this case the dissemination of information on the financial misappropriation and other crimes that were beyond the boundaries of the breathable! We will remember the most virulent with which he will keep the journalists who spoke of the presidential jet bazardage of the sale of which ended up in the p

The journalist kiramvu was imprisoned 3 times. When he was released from prison, radjabu entered!
Oches of radjabu and nkurunziza: “Abishinga Kuvuga Ivya Falcon-50 hazogera igihe bahinde nkayo” (those who continue to talk about the Falcon-50 will eventually hums like him)!
That journalists embastillés, under the era radjabu, for simple revelations from a journalistic investigation free from all blame on the ethical plan! Under Radjabu, the most famous burundian journalist of our time, domitilla kiramvu, doesn’t know how many rounds of imprisonment or arrests that she has a sudden, for any information on the regime of radjabu!
5. Radjabu the plutocrat, so the médiocrate
Under Radjabu, money replaced the diploma, militancy the competence. Therefore, in order to have even the teaching position in primary school, it was necessary to spend at least 10 times the equivalent of your monthly salary. And everything is negotiate to the permanence of the party. You can deduce what he had to give as a bribe for positions of medium and high responsibility!
It’s to force to see the color of money before the heaviness of knowledge that burundi has become a country where we no longer need to hold even a certificate of primary schooling to become a top as part of the state!” you Give more, you’ll get more “; ” wamaze iki ” (you gave what? ), it was the slogans of “Gahanga headlights”.
And it is in line with this drift plutocratic that the real militants (including the first hour) have been thanked for being replaced by those who were able to buy their tickets.
See and do we have the rising power of the people who had never fought or near far to the cndd-fdd but who, through their power pecuniary, will become fast the kingpins of the party.

Edouard Nduwimana, the “Nyakurisateur” of political parties is one of the creations of radjabu
So, a guy like Edward Nduwimana (the architect of the “nyakurisation”) is not only entered the cndd-Fdd a few weeks before his arrival in power, but also he fought vigorously this party. Jean Bosco Ndikumana, who went out of his faculty of criminology to immediately become successively prosecutor of the republic and minister of justice, was repatriated of cote d ‘ Ivoire as high as part of the fnl. Rwankineza Laurent entered the cndd-fdd that because he was a billionaire!
What are these have managed that radjabu did come in the party who have ended up tearing up the party. What could be more normal? We can’t lead to end a project which we don’t know the provisions tactics nor the strategic ideal; the system dd sailed on sight. The aftermath we know it: combining to this plutocracy intolerance and discrimination policy which were that no one was hiring even at a technical post without showing off the map of the party, a médiocratie without name has been established.
This is how the burundi became the last country in the world ranking in terms of GDP per capita!
In Truth, it’s the plutocracy and his cousin the médiocratie initiated by radjabu who put the economy of burundi to its knees; no country in the world cannot develop with workers recruited on bases which are contrary to the universal standards in terms of work!
6. Radjabu, the centralist malpractice
IN LESS THAN 5 years, radjabu rose from simple civil servant to the richest man in the region! And if you understood the concept “wamaze iki”, you understand where came at least a part of his wealth astronomical.
In addition to “wamaze iki”, every case of embezzlement known as the regime radjabu were centralized at the level of the party that he presided over. And here, nobody else could ogle with impunity on the “Manger”! It’s as well as his boss long stayed in the shadows will eventually emancipate themselves from his “Father” policy; nkurunziza has, at a certain moment, recalled that it was him the commander in chief of the fair of the thieves! And it didn’t go in the best way: in the aftermath of a congress which took place at in ngozi on 2 April 2007, radjabu was stripped of his duties as president of the party and thrown in jail! He gets 8 years later, at the whim of an escape rescues.
Ever since, and it is the evil of the century of Burundi, he still considers as president of the cndd-FDD PARTY! He’s right! He is the father of the cndd-Fdd system which blights the country. But what radjabu should know is that her cndd-Fdd is like the mrnd! He should be ashamed at the moment when the vast majority of the people of burundi rejects this party including within the upd!
7. Radjabu, the man who never agrees with person: or why he left the cnared
Radjabu is the enemy nr. 1 of contradictory debate; and whoever is the opposite of what he believes becomes his enemy for real.
It is also a great mischief maker. Gahanga sowed the grain of the enmity between the hutu and the tutsi, between spouses, between the educated and the illiterate, between the elite and the mass peasant woman, between the ex-resistance and politicians, between the urban and the nationals of the Deep Country, between those who came from exile and those who had remained in the country, etc.
To destroy the understanding between his subordinates, he hired them one by one to tell them that the other wanted to kill him, so that there should be no solidarity against him. As a result, he was the master of everything. This is how he was able to combine at least 22 members who have started the first of the series of bleeding that has undergone the cndd-DD and who ended up being right of him. Shortly after, these members have finally see that radjabu had rolled in flour; he had used only to help him to hate nkurunziza, to create, at all, the “plague nkurunziza” so that some of the most pleasing Eyes on nkurunziza and leave radjabu alone in his empire of malfeasance.
Thus, long before his imprisonment, in the circle dd, each suspected each; everything was done for the implosion of the party, which, with time, has finally become a reality.
In the final analysis, it is this inability to deal with the company that has maintained radjabu away from the cnared. Because in reality, radjabu is not out of the cnared, there being never entered! All the posts that he had been proposed, including that of Vice-President, he had them snobés. By the way, he became very complexing agent to sit with people who, all or almost all, had a dispute with him.
Indeed, let’s be realistic; radjabu is not an alien; like you and me, he knows the shame: even if it is said that in politics there are no permanent enemy, it’s not very easy, when we called Hussein Radjabu, entering a movement where you will have as collaborators and no subordinates of people who call themselves nyangoma, nzomukunda, basabose, onésime, etc. ! He has a lot of score to settle with his conscience, his history and his former comrades in arms; he has a lot of trouble. And by announcing that he was leaving the cnared (of which he was not involved in any of its meetings since its creation! ), he sought, but couldn’t find her, a good exit door. Gold, for all the observers of the burundian policy, politically, hussein radjabu cannot survive this umpteenth “coup de under-the-belt”; this time is the charm, farewell radjabu, your death policy is, finally, final!
Poor hero who condemns to oblivion! Poor guy who, of course, there was no lack of battles noble to recognize him, but who, like besides its historic enemy nyangoma, “Adusaziye Nabi” (he ages us in dishonourable)! Poor guy who spoiled until the very last turn of his race some bimbo in the head not found of a country that he buried! His paranoia the continuing up to that age where, thinking at the end of their days, the wise refurbishing rather the image that they’re gonna leave to posterity, our radjabu dream, him, being president of the cndd-fdd who has been in his Pocket and who is no longer that in his head!
Pole sana mzee! The “Cndd-fdd enamored of the spirit of the law” (thus asepsis.-T-he his imaginary party) is recognized anywhere, whether it be in the public or by the law.

Criminal Paul Kagame