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    Paul Kagame

    Editor’s Note: It is the policy of the News not to publish anonymous stories, but in this case we have made an exception. The name of the author has been withheld to ensure their safety and the safety of their family. The editors know the identity of the writer and reviewed their story to confirm its accuracy.

    I felt horrified when I learned that the Yale Africa Initiative, the University’s attempt to engage Africans and its institutions, has invited Mr. Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s dictator since 1994, to deliver this year’s Coca-Cola World Fund Lecture at Yale.

    The eminent Belgian scholar Filip Reyntjens described Kagame as the “most important war criminal in office today.” The international community has accused Kagame of a litany of atrocities ranging from mass rapes, war crimes and genocide both in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His invitation to Yale is akin to offering a high-level platform to Bashar al-Assad, Omar al-Bashir or Joseph Kony years from now when their crimes against humanity are no longer in the spotlight. It is repugnant and an insult both to the victims and survivors of Mr. Kagame’s reign of terror.

    In the past few years, rigorous academic research and media scrutiny are also unraveling Kagame’s claim to fame: a duplicitous notion that he “ended” the 1994 genocide. But how can one claim credit for “ending” a genocide that they in turn sparked by downing a plane carrying two sovereign heads of state, in addition to commanding a rebel army that also systematically slaughtered unarmed civilians, especially women and children, during a genocide? Instead of addressing inconsistent gaps in his genocide narrative, Kagame hides behind a statement of immunity by accusing the BBC and other serious journalists and scholars of “genocide denial.” Despite his very powerful Western-elite friends, Kagame cannot withstand the scrutiny of critical journalists and academics. Is this a man with whom Yale students could expect a reasonable exchange of ideas?

    When Yale originally hatched plans to invite Kagame two years ago, I along with several Congolese students expressed strong opposition. Our stance on the Kagames of this world is not because we are opposed to free speech. We recognize that, in the absence of justice, a meaningful discussion of Kagame’s involvement in the deaths of over 5 million Africans is significant to the mission of Lux et Veritas.

    But why would Yale offer a prestigious platform to a man who tolerates zero criticism at home and consistently kills, jails, disappears or exiles those who simply disagree with him — even threatening the lives of journalists and scholars overseas? The Economist once noted, Kagame “allows less freedom of speech at home than Robert Mugabe does in Zimbabwe.” Elsewhere, Reporters without Borders has often referred to him as a leading “Predator of the Press.”

    Since Yale is my intellectual home, I would like to add that the Kagame regime has declared notable Western scholars persona non grata: Susan Thomson, Laura Seay GRD ’02, Rene Lemarchand, Filip Reytnjens, Alison des Forges, Steve Terrill, inter alia. Kagame’s behavior represents an extreme desire to control and manipulate information in order to continue his boa constrictor-like asphyxiation of Rwandans.

    Kagame likely agreed to speak only under certain conditions. Yale notified students just six days in advance of the talk. Unlike previous Coca-Cola lectures, this one requires advanced registration to attend. Security concerns aside, I believe this measure is the Kagame regime’s attempt to censor and surveil attendees.

    It would be an even greater shame for Yale and another victory for a mass murderer, if this forum denied attendees ample time to ask critical, thought-provoking questions.

    Yale believes it can get away with honoring such an individual, because Kagame has already done a masterful job of reinventing his image, one senior professor informed me. Yale University and its supposedly path-breaking “Yale Africa Initiative” are therefore not only nurturing but also spreading a contagion that continues to ravage the African continent—the so-called “big men” who rule with impunity, and allow zero room for peaceful dissent and debate. To give space to a man who is referred to as the “Butcher of Congo” is the height of cynicism and hypocrisy. Are these the values for which Yale stands?

    Why else would Yale risk dimming Lux and obscuring Veritas by generously rewarding one of the worst war criminals in modern history?

    Now I can leave Yale fully knowing that what students and faculty have often whispered in secret and sometimes stated openly is true: Yale Africa Initiative is a sham.

    Correction, Sept. 19: A former version of this column incorrectly claimed that Paul Kagame would receive an honorarium for today’s Coca-Cola lecture. This is inaccurate. There is no honorarium or other payment to Kagame or anyone associated with him. The News regrets this error.


    When Kagame’s forces stop killing us

    I was shocked to learn from my former student, Kayla Oliver LAW ’18, now an editor of the Yale Law Journal, that Yale invited President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, the most murderous dictator in all Africa, to speak about democracy. That was a colossal mistake.

    Paul Kagame

    During my first weeks serving as U.S. Ambassador to Burundi, the twin-country neighbor of Rwanda, I joined the U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda to meet then-Col. Paul Kagame. He was dressed in camouflage uniform and stood in a shattered warehouse amid the rubble in the capital city, Kigali. Open warfare in the most disastrous genocide in decades had ended only a few weeks before. But revenge had not.

    I told Kagame that the UN Refugee Camp, four miles inside the Burundi-Rwanda border, was still receiving 1,000 new Rwandan refugees daily. In my visit to the camp — which housed almost 100,000 — I interviewed camp refugees, asking when they would return to their home country. Their reply was always the same: “When Kagame’s forces stop killing us.”

    Kagame’s response to me was insufficient. He told me that occasionally some of his troops might engage in personal retribution, but that revenge was not his policy. This was not the case: genocidal killing and intimidation have, in fact, been his consistent policy for all his 22 years in power.

    Human Rights Watch, among others, has documented some his continuing civil rights violations. The United Kingdom, Spain and several European nations no longer grant this head of state entry into their countries.

    My wife’s and my book “From Bloodshed to Hope in Burundi,” endorsed by Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and by Paul Rusesabagina, the hero of “Hotel Rwanda” and a U.S. Medal of Freedom recipient, has a chapter on Kagame and the consequences of his murderous actions on Burundi.

    Why has the USA not censured Kagame?

    Probably because Kagame himself and some of his troops were trained at a US military base in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, in the 1990s. The Pentagon has held banquets honoring this horrific dictator.

    Several years ago I phoned a Danish missionary, Knut Hansen, who had lived 32 years along the Rwandan border in ministering, educating and caring for the people of Burundi and Rwanda. When asked for his current assessment of Kagame, he replied “Bob, Kagame is the worst dictator in all of Africa; there is blood all over his hands.”

    It is well-known and widely published that Kagame’s secret police murdered on the streets in South Africa a former member of Kagame’s administration who had abandoned Kagame and gone into hiding. This killing is well documented and legendary.

    He claims to now have democratic elections with numerous political parties having names on the ballot. But Kagame’s people count the votes and give him over 90 percent of those cast. Citizens, knowing they have no secret ballot, either do not vote, or for their own safety, cast their votes for Kagame. It is as if Hitler or Stalin were holding the elections. These elections are not secret or trust worthy; the populous votes as Kagame wants for fear of retribution.

    Yet Yale has honored him. Those at Yale who invited Kagame should remember the famous admonition of a 19th-century head of Magdalene College, Oxford: “You will find it a good idea, sir, always to verify your references.”

    Senator Robert Krueger is a former US Ambassador to Burundi, US Ambassador-at-Large to Mexico, US Ambassador to Botswana, US Congressman (D.-Texas), US Senator (D.-Texas), US Special Representative to the Southern African Development Community, retired. Currently, professor in the Practice, Political Science Department, Texas Tech University.


    Intore na zo ngo zirwanya ubukoloni. Ni ko zivuga.

    Ariko birumvikana ko zitazi abakoloni icyo aricyo, abo ari bo n’aho bava.

    Warwanya ubukoloni ute se kandi ushyigikiye mu bitekerezo n’ibikorwa mondialisation ya capitalism (ubukoloni)?

    Warwanya ubukoloni ute ukora ibiraka byo gusambura Leta zigenga?

    Usehera umutungo w’igihugu abakoloni?

    Ukomera amashyi intambara z’abakoloni?

    Wimurira amashuri mu bakoloni ukayaca mu rugo? U&a umuco?

    Nta muntu urwanya ikintu atazi. Iyo ushaka kurwanya ubukoloni urabanza ukigenga.





    Alizaliwa 14 Juni 1946 huko Jamaica Estates, Queens akiwa ni mtoto wa pili kwenye familia ya watoto wanne wa familia ya Mary na Fred Trump na kukulia katika Jiji la New York, Marekani.
    Upande wa baba yake (Fred Trump aliyefariki mwaka 1981), alikuwa mzaliwa wa Ujerumani na mama yake (Mary) ni mzaliwa wa Scottish.

    Trump alianza kusoma katika Chuo Kikuu cha Fordham kilichopo Bronx mwaka 1964, miaka miwili baadaye alihamishiwa katika Shule ya mambo ya fedha na Uchumi ya Wharton iliyopo Chuo Kikuu cha Pennsylvania ambako alihitimu shahada ya kwanza katika masuala ya uchumi mwaka 1968 kabla ya kujiunga na kufanya kazi kwenye kampuni ya familia yake iliyoitwa Elizabeth Trump & Son.

    Mwaka 1971 Trump alikabidhiwa kuongoza makampuni na biashara za baba yake ambapo alipata mafanikio makubwa ndani ya muda mfupi ambayo mpaka sasa ndiye mkurugenzi wake mkuu.

    Trump ambaye ni baba wa watoto watano, ni mfanyabiashara mkubwa na bilionea nchini Marekani, pia ni mtayarishaji wa vipindi vya televisheni.

    Baadhi ya mali anazomiliki
    Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower lililopo Panama City, Panama
    Trump Tower lililopo Manhattan
    Wollman Rink lililoko Central Park
    Trump Taj Mahal lililoko Atlantic City, New Jersey
    Turnberry Hotel, iliyoko Ayrshire, Scotland
    Trump Hotel Las Vegas
    Trump International Hotel & Tower ya New York
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    Trump International Hotel ya Las Vegas
    Trump International Hotel ya Waikiki Beach Walk
    Trump SoHo ya New York
    Trump International Hotel & Tower ya Toronto
    Taasisi ya Donald J. Trump
    Branding na licensing
    Ndege kubwa ya Trump’s Boeing 757, maarufu kama “Trump Force One”.

    Mwaka huu (2016), Jarida maarufu la Forbes lilikadiria utajiri wa mali za Trump kuwa unafikia dola bilioni 3.7.

    Ameweka rekodi ya kuwa mwanasiasa mwenye utajiri mkubwa zaidi kwenye historia ya nchi hiyo.

    Ikijumulishwa na thamani ya kampuni yake (brand), Trump anakadiliwa kuwa na utajiri sasa wa dola bilioni 10 na kuwa tajiri namba 324 wa dunia na wa 156 kwa nchi ya Marekani.

    Trump ni Mwenyekiti na Rais wa Shirika Kibiashara la Trump (Trump Organization) lenye makao yake makuu katikati ya Mji wa Manhattan ambalo linamiliki majengo mengi marefu, hoteli, kasino, timu za gofu, ndege na miradi mbalimbali mikubwa ya maendeleo nchini Marekani na nje ya Marekani.

    Ni mwanasiasa wa Chama cha Republican na anagombea urais wa Marekani kupitia chama hicho mwaka huu, uchaguzi utaofanyika Novemba 8.


    urupfu rw’umunyemari Makuza Bertin

    Makuza Bertin
    Inkuru itugezeho mukanya n’ijyanye n’urupfu rutunguranye rw’umunyemari Makuza Bertin wari yabyutse na n’igicurane arwaye. Ndagira ngo nibutse abasomyi b’iki kinyamakuru ko uyu umugabo Bertin Makuza yari umucuruzi ukomeye! Yari Propriétaire wa RWANDAFOM, akaba yari ayifatanije na SERUBUGA na RWAGAFIRITA! Aho bahungiye ubu akaba yari yarayibohoje akayigira iye wenyine!

    Tugarutse kuri iri yicwa rya Makuza Bertin rero, biravugwa ko yaba azize kuba atarashimishijwe no kuba FPR yarishe mugenzi we Assinapol Rwagara wishwe ahotowe nyuma y’uko Leta ya Paul Kagame ikoze ikinamico yise accident y’imodoka nyuma bakamuhoterera mu mbangukiragutaba bakora nk’aho bamujyanye kwa muganga. Mwibuke ko aha banze ko hagira umuntu wo mumuryango wa Rwigara ugira icyo amumarira mu gihe yari arimo gusambagurika ahubwo bagahitamo kumupfunyika mu ihema ry’abapfu akiri muzima anariko bagiye amukubita inyundo mumtwe kugirango agere kwa muganga yavuyemo umwuka.

    Nyuma y’urupfu rwa Rwigara Assinapol, uyu munyemari Makuza Bertin yagaragaye mu bacikacumu batishimiye uburyo FPR ya Kagame igiye kubamarira ku icumu kuko hari aho yagiye anabiganira na bagenzi nka Jean de Dieu Mucyo nawe uherutse guhirikwa na FPR kuri Escaliers nawe abicanyi ba Kagame bakamunogonorera muri niryo kinamico ryabo ngo ni ukujyana kwa mugaganga.

    Makuza Bertin rero yahise apangirwa b’abacurabwenge b’agatsio ka Paul Kagame basanga uburyo bwiza bwo kumwikiza ari ukumuha kuri bwa burozi bwa Kalinga nshya yiyise FPR Inkotanyi buzwi ku izina ry”Utuzi twa Munyuza. Makuza Bertin apfuye aruka amaraso kandi yabyutse ari muzima. Abatekinitsi ba Kagame ubwo ntibarabura ibyo babeshya rubanda ngo nibyo bimwishe. Ukuri kurazwi yarozwe naho ibindi ni ikinamico nk’uko dusanzwe turizi. Ese wa mufosheri wagonze Rwigara ngo akishikana kuri police yaba yaragiye he? Ariko Leta ziragwira iya Paul Kagame yo ni agahebuzo.


    Banyarwanda, banyarwandakazi, igihe cyo kureba kure ni iki mugahaguruka tukishyira hamwe tukikiza iyi Kalinga nshya ya FPR igiye kutumarira ku icumu. Kagame ntarobanura umuhutu cyangwa umututsi kuko bimaze kugaragara ko utemera amabi ye wese amwirenza. Ntawashimisha Kagame kurusha Assinapol Rwigara cga Makuza Bertin ariko murabona ko abana babo abahinduye impfubyi abagore babo akabagira abapfakazi. Kagame ni impyisi kandi impyisi ntawe igirara impuhwe kabure n’ubwo yaba yarayihetse. R.I. P Makuza Bertin

    Makuza Bertin
    Guheka impyisi Paul Kagame ntacyo bimaze ahubwo byaruta ukayikubita hasi ukavugisha ukuri nibura ukanapfa hari inkuru usize imusozi. Rwigara yahetse impyisi ntiyagira icyo avuga, iyo mpyisi yica abanyarwanda areba ntiyavuga ariko biba iby’ubusa iramurya. Makuza Bertin nawe yahetse iyo mpyisi none iramuriye. None se bimaze iki kubona abantu barengana ukicecekera kandi bwacya nawe ukarengana? Nshuti kandi bavandimwe banyarwanda, mureke tuvugishe ukuri twamagane iyi ngoma ya Kagme igambiriye kumara abanyarwanda, naho atari nk’ibyo iratumara. Umututsi cya umuhutu wese  wize cyangwa ufite imibereho, agatsiko ka Kagame karamwirenza nta kabuza, kwirirwa rero mwihambira ni ubwende, ahubwo mureke duhagurukire rimwe hakri kare twamagane ako gatsiko

    Umucunguzi ni Rubanda, ntimutegereze ngo hari umunyamahanga uzabavaniraho Kagame mutabigizemo uruhari. Twihanganishije umuryango wa Makuza Bertin uri mu cyunamo cy’umubyeyi wabo Paul Kagame yirengeje akoresheje ubwo burozi bwe yabatije utuzi twa Munyuza.


    Ndagira ngo nisesengurire ingendo Paulo Kagame amazemo iminsi. Iri sesengura ryanjye riravuga uko mbyumva bishobora kuba bitandukanye n’uko abandi babibona kandi nibyo koko twese ntitwumva ibintu kimwe. Mu isesengura ryanjye ndibanda ku ingendo eshatu. Mozambiki, Congo Brazzaville na Gambo, ariko cyane cyane urwo muri Mozambiki.

    Kuva kuwa 24 kugeza 25 Ugushingo2016, Paulo Kagame yagize urugendo mu gihugu cya Musa Ben Biki (Moçambique). Yakiriwe ku kibuga cy’indege na Minisitiri w’Ububanyi n’amahanga n’ubutwererane bwana Oldemiro Baloi, nyuma yakirwa kuri perezidanse na perezida Filipo Nyusi.
    Ngo hari hateganyijwe imyigaragambyo y’impunzi ziba Mozambiki ariko ngo iza guhagarikwa ku munota wanyuma ikindi kandi kivugwa aha ni ibyo abayobozi ba Mozambiki basezeranije Paulo Kagame.

    1. Imyigaragambyo

    Icyo umuntu yakoraho ubusesenguzi  ni icyabujije imyigaragambyo yari yemewe kuba. Ese byatewe ni iki? Kugeza uyu munsi ntabwo abari bayisabye berekanye iryo hagarikwa uburyo byakozwemo. Niba baranditse basaba birumvikana ko baba barabonye ibarwa ibemerera hanyuma byakwangwa na none hagasohoka indi ivuguruza iya mbere. Gusa muri Afrika byose birashoboka cyane cyane mubihugu biyobowe n’igitugu birashoboka ko iyo myigaragambyo yahagarikwa n’amagambo (verbalement).

    Tuvuge se ko babibwiwe mu magambo? Ariko byagenze baba bararetse kuyikora k’ubwende bwabo kuko ntekereza ko Inkotanyi zaba zaratanze amahera ngo abantu bashyirweho iterabwoba bareke kuyikora. Ikindi na none byakumvikana ko abantu batigeze begera ingeri zose byari bireba ngo bahane ibitekerezo ahubwo bikiherera muri bamwe baba bashaka kuvuga ko bibaye byakwitwa ko aribo babikoze.

    Aha naho koko niba byarabujijwe mu nzira zinyuze mu mategeko nk’uko byari byemewe muri izo nzira, umuntu yavuga ko hatabaye ishyishoza ryo kumenya ikibuga gikinirwamo. Ibi kubera ko na none bijyana n’ibyo nakwita ishyuhaguzwa ryo gutangaza ibintu hirya no hino kandi bizwi ko Kagame akoresha amahera gusa mu kugura abantu. Abagombaga kuyikora bagombaga kumara kubona ubwo burenganzira bagakora amanama ajyana n’uko bizakorwa, gutyo diaspora na Kagame bagatungurwa.

    Hari umuntu wambwiye ko ababisabye batumvise ikirimi byanditsemo aricyo igipolitigali, ngo bababwiye ko bakiriye ugusaba kwabo (accusé de réception) ko bizasuzumwa ngo bo bakumva ko bemerewe. Ibi biramutse aribyo byaba biteye agahinda.

    Kuri njye rero ntarirarenga hari ibindi byakorwa bikerekana ububi bwa Paulo Kagame. Kandi na none umuntu yashimira abari bagize kiriya gitekerezo ariko banasabwa kwigira kubyabaye, niba harabayemo amakosa ubutaha bakazayakosora kuko niyo yicitegrerezo cy’ejo.

    2. Ibyemerewe Paulo Kagame n’imikono yashyizwe ku masezerano

    Mu bintu byavuzwe cyane ngo Perezida Filipo Nyusi wa Mozambiki yemereye Perezida Paulo Kagame ko ntawe uzakoresha ubutaka bwa Mozambiki ngo ajye gutera u Rwanda cyangwa ahungabanye umutekano w’u Rwanda. Aha niho hari ikibazo gikomeye n’ubwo nabonye bya binyamakuru by’ibisumizi bya Kigali aribyo byanditse gusa kugira ngo bigumye kuyobya rubanda.

    Ese u Rwanda rwaba rufite amakuru ko Mozambiki yaba itegura abo kurutera kandi bizwi neza ko abarurwanya bari mu marembo yarwo? Yewe kuva Mozambiki utera u Rwanda manza bamwe basazira mu nzira bataragerayo. None Paulo Kagame we se yemereye iki mugenzi we wa Mozambiki Filipo Nyusi kubijyanye n’umutekano?

    Ntawe utazi ko ishaka rya RENAMO rirwanya ubuyobozi buriho mu baritoza harimo n’abanyarwanda kandi hakaba n’abaguye mu mirwano. None Kagame yaba yaramwemereye ko ahagaritse ibyo bikorwa? Aho si bimwe by’umunyagisaka n’umunyenduga!

    Na none Kagame na Mushikiwe (Mushikiwabo) basabye abantu bagera kuri 12 bo gucurwa ku ngufu. Muri abo hari umwe uregwa kuba ngo yarasahuye banki mu Rwanda naho abandi ngo ni abakoze ihonyabwoko-tutsi. Aha rero u Rwanda rwasubizanyijwe ubuhanga buhanitse na Minisitiri w’Ubanyi n’amahanga n’Ubutwererana wa Mozambiki Bwana Oldemiro Baloi.

    Muri make agira ati: ʺIbyo byose bisaba kwiganwa ubushishozi n’ubwitonzi bikomeye; ibihugu byombi byishyize hamwe kugira ngo bigerageze kuzuza ayo masabwa ashobora kwemerera, bibaye ngombwa, ishyirwa mubikorwa y’iryo janywa mu Rwanda.ʺ Arakomeza avuga ati: Ni ngombwa guha agaciro umurimo wo guteza imbere Mozambiki, wakozwe n’izo mpunzi z’abanyarwanda, kandi na none, muribo ntawe ufite amakimbirane n’amatego y’igihugu cye, binahari waba ari umubare utagize icyo uvuze. Ati: Ubu duhangayikishijwe no kwerekana ko amategeko mpuzamahanaga arengera impunzi akurikizwa muri Mozambiki, bityo Mozambiki ikaba yizera ko na diaspora nyarwanda irinzwe.ʺ

    Soma iyi nyandiko iri mu gipolitigali niba ucyumva cyangwa ushyire muri google translate mu rurimi wumva: Icyashoboye kumenyekana rero ni uko muri bariya basabwa haje kuboneka umuntu wari umwana mu gihe iryotsemba-tutsi ryabaga. Iki kibazo cyabaye ingorabahizi kuko babajije Kagame n’intumwa yari ayoboye bariye iminwa babajijwe kuri uwo muntu wari umwana.

    Ibi rero bikaba bigaragaza ko umwana w’umuhutu aho ava akagera ubutegetsi bw’agatsiko ka Kagame bumufata nk’umwicanyi, uretse ba bahutu bagumye guheka impyisi bakabyirengagiza. Na none Mozambiki irabihorera ibizi, kuko nta masezerano ifitanye n’u Rwanda rwo guhana abantu. Cyangwa Kagame ashaka urwitwazo rwo kugumya gushigikira RENAMO?

    Kagame amaze kubona ko apfunyikiwe amahuri, nibwo yasabye ko hajyaho akanama ko gukurikirana ibyo bemeranyijwe. Gusa ako kanama ko ni ako kwitegwa! Impunzi zigomba kuba maso.
    Mu byashyiwzeho imikono, harimo guhana ubumenyi n’ubunararibonye, guhahirana n’ibindi.

    None Mozambiki yaba igiye kwigira ku butegetsi bwa Kagame bw’umuranduranzuzi? Aha nasubiza nishemekeye nti OYA. Mozambiki yubaha abaturage bayo, ntiyabaranduza ibyo bihingiye cyanga ngo abategeko ibyo bahinga n’uburyo babisarura. Mozambiki se yaba igiye kugira ishyaka rimwe riryamira ayandi? Aha naho ni OYA. Kuko n’ikimenyimenyi RENAMO rya shyaka rirwanya ubuyobozi buhari ubu, rifite abarihagarariye mu intumwa za rubanda, ba minisitiri, n’abandi bayobozi mu inzego zose.

    Ariko muzumve Kagame we avuga ko utamushigikiye wese, yewe niyo yaba ari isazi azafata ihama (inyundo) akayirangiza. Kagame yivugiye ko atazihanganira uwariwe wese uzafasha utavuga rumwe nawe ngo azanamukocora. Kagame ati njye singira isoni ryo kuvuga ko nica da! Arabibwira bande? Urubyiruko. Kagame washyize umurongo ntarengwa we muri Kigali Convention Center kandi azi neza ko ariwe Nyirabayaza w’imvururu n’intambara zidashira mu karere k’ibiyaga bigari by’Afurika, ashaka kwigisha Mozambiki guteza akaduruvayo muri SADC se? Ndumva atazabishobora. Gusa ashobora gucengera SADC igihe indege ze zizatangira kuza muri Mozambiki, bityo intore ze zikajya ziniga abatamwemera, dore ko Afurika y’Epfo yari yaragize uburimiro yamubwiye ko yahambira utwe.

    Sinzi imihahirane Kagame yifuza kugirana na Mozambiki. Nk’imirire irahabanye cyane kandi Mozambiki nayo ibyinshi ibikura hanze. Ku bikorwa remezo rero uretse kwirarira menya ikiraro kimwe cya Mozambiki cyakubaka umuhanda urenze u Rwanda. Mu Rwanda abashoramari bubaka umuturirwa Perezida akirirwa avuga ko ariwo mupaka asigaranye ibyo ntibiba Mozambiki. Umutungo Kamere, koko u Rwanda rufite iki? Keretse ahubwo ruhahiye Mozambiki nk’amakara acukurwa, gaze (ariko se byo bizakoreshwa na nde mu Rwanda?), Petoroli n’ibindi.
    Kagame akubutse Mozambiki yafashe iya Congo Brazzaville na Gabon.

    Kagame araribwaribwa kandi ubwoba bumugeze habi. Agati karagwa ati baranteye. Kagame ibihe arimo ni nka ya ngwe yashaje itagira n’inzara abantu bagumya gutinya kandi haba hari n’igihe yapfuye. Ba bacanshuro b’abicanyi ba CIA bamaze kumubwira ko noneho ririya tohoza rya bafaransa ritamusiga amahoro, amera nk’usaze. Niyo mpamvu yirukira bariya bagabo bombi ngo arebe ko baba bafite ibikomerezwa mu bufaransa bamufashe gutanga bituga, maze babe babisubika.

    Dore no mubyo Mucyo yazize ngo ko hikanzwe ko ashobora guhishura uburyo yatekinitse ya raporo yamwitiriwe. Hakaba n’abemeza ko nyine hari uwo yaba yarabiganirijeho bo muri biriya byihebe bya CIA, akaba ariwe umena ibanga ko babivuzeho. Ikindi kuri izi ngendo, Kagame ujya hanze y’Afurika akakirwa n’abanyeshuri n’abarimu nta na nyumbakumi urimo, yashatse kwisubiza agaciro muri Afurika aho yakirwa n’abagenzi be ba Perezida.

    Dusubiye ku mucyo wa kinyarwanda ndetse n’ibyo abandi ba Perezida bakora, Kagame yerekanye ko ari inyamaswa. Gufpusha Senateri n’intumwa ya rubanda mu minsi ikurikiranye ntasubike ingendo, noneho by’agahebuzo muramu we akaba n’umwami wanyuma w’u Rwanda (Kigeli) akimara gupfa ngo yeguye urugendo batarava no ku kiriyo? Yewe ga Kagame we!

    Mu tuntu n’utundi, reka ngaruke ku bibera murugo rwa Paual Kagame. Ese ko Nyiramongi atigeze agaragara muri izi ngendo ahubwo agaherekezwa n’uriya mugore wagira ngo arara areba mu rwabya rw’uburozi, aho muzunga ntigikomeza hagati ya Kagame na Nyiramongi?

    Aha Kagame haragazwe ariko iminsi izamwereka ko arutwa n’isazi nzima.


    Makuza Bertin yishwe azize ijambo yavuze

    Paul Kagame

    Kuki FPR yihase kwica abatutsi bose bakuye ubukungu bwabo ku ngoma ya Habyarimana ? Makuza Bertin FPR yamwishe imuziza iki ?

    Makuza Bertin yishwe azize ijambo yavuze rigira riti : umucyene wifitiye amahoro, aruta kure umucyire ubunza imitima ‘’:
    Abanyarwanda batari bacye, basigaye barumiwe ndetse batewe ubwoba n’ibikorwa bya FPR byo kwica abatutsi bose babayeho ku ngoma ya Habyarimana, ndavuga abakomora ubukungu bwabo kuri iyo ngoma, kimwe n’abatutsi bacitse kwicumu ariko bakomoka mu Rwanda rwo kungoma ya Habyarimana..
    Bijya gutangira hishwe abatutsi bakomoka ku kibuye, abandi barahunga , harimo ba Joseph Sebarenzi wigeze gutegeka inteko ishinga amategeko, mu bahunze kandi bari bacyize barimo ba sisi Evariste, nabandi benshi bari mu rwego rwe, sinsize Rwigara Assinapol wishwe kandi akanasenyerwa.
    Abatutsi batavuye hanze kenshi bisanga mu bibazo bisa nkibyo abahutu bafite ku goma ya Paul kagame :
    Uyu munsi abatutsi bose bari bakize , abo FPR yasanze imbere mu gihugu kandi bayifashije mu kugera ku butegetsi, FPR yarabishe, abandi irabakenesha, harimo no kubacecekesha.
    Ba Kajeguhakwa Valens, nti bakivuga , ejo bundi uwitwa Rwabukamba ukomoka i Rwamagana wari warakijijwe no gucuruza ibikomoka kuri Petrol yarishwe, mu gihe ukwezi kutararangira, none na Makuza Bertin nawe arishwe kandi ari we mututsi ukomeye mu bafashije FPR kugera ku butegetsi.
    Ibi bivuze ko usibye abatutsi bavuye hanze, nta mututsi warusanzwe mu gihugu FPR isa nkaho yifuza ; kuko bariya bose bayivuguruza cyangwa bahora babaza icyo bazize, kugira ngo FPR ibe yarabicishije igamije ku gera ku butegetsi, abo bose batekereza batyo nibo FPR igenda yica, ivana mu nzira.
    Reka turebe muri macye uruhari Makuza Bertin yagize mu gusenya Ingoma ya Habyarimana no gushyira FPR ku butegetsi :
    Abacuruzi b’abatutsi b’imbere mu gihugu bakoze akazi gakomeye cyane mu gusenya igisirikare cya Habyarimana :
    N’ubwo Habyarimana nawe ubwe, umuntu yavuga ko yari yaracengewe n’abacuruzi b’abatutsi bakoreraga inkotanyi, ndavuga ba Kajeguhakwa, ba Rwigara, na ba Sisi Evariste, ukagerekaho n’abanyamadini b’abatutsi wagombaga kunyuraho byanze bikunze iyo wifuzaga kwakirwa na Habyarimana. Hari n’abandi benshi bakoze akazi ko kumunga icyo gisirikare . Uwitwa Makuza Bertin wari ufite uruganda rukora Matela i Gikondo, yari yarafashe imigabane mu ruganda rwe ayiha Colonel Serubuga Laurent, kugira ngo abashe kumwiyegereza, na ba Rwagafirita na bo bagurwa na Rwigara Assinapol, Kajeguhakwa na we afata abasirikare benshi bakuru abagurira amakamyo ya rukururana kandi ayaha akazi ko kujya bajya kumuzanira essance muri Kenya. Uko kwinjiza abasirikare mu kwaha kw’abatutsi bari bafite integano yo gufasha FPR gutegura imirwano, niko kwasenye igisirikare cya Habyarimana. Byatumye inkotanyi zibasha kugera hose no kumenya ibyo zifuzaga byose mu butegetsi bwa Habya
    Urundi rugero rwa hafi :
    Ubwo inkotanyi zateguraga gutera u Rwanda muri 1990, hari inama y’abanyamigabane b’uruganda rwa Rwanda form rukora matela rwayoborwaga na Makuza Bertin, inkotanyi zakoze ibishoboka byose ngo izabere mu Bubirigi, kandi Serubuga ari we uzajya guhagararira abanyamigabane bandi. Serubuga yagiye mu Bubirigi muri iyo nama ; bikubitiraho n’uko Habyarimana nawe yari yaragiye muri Amerika gukurikirana hafi inama yigaga ibibazo by’abana.

    Ubwo u Rwanda rwaje guterwa tariki ya 01.10.1990 mu Rwanda nta bayobozi bakuru b’ingabo bahari, kuko Serubuga yari mu Bubirigi yaroherejweyo na Makuza Bertin, naho Habyarimana yari muri Amerika muri ya nama navuze.

    Ikindi gikomeye makuza Bertin yaba yazize, nuko yababajwe n’uruphu rwa Rwigara Assinapol, nisenywa Ryinzu ye, FPR igambiriye gukenesha abakomoka kuri Rwigara bose.



    Nyuma yuko reta ya kigali ifashe umwanzuro wo kwimura abafungwa bari bafungiwe muri gereza nkuru ya kigali izwi ku izina rya 1930.abafunze ndetse nabafite ababo bafunze bafite impungenge kubera kuyubaka muncyengera za nyabarongo, ubu bakaba babonako babegereje nyabarongo kugira ngo utabyumva kimwe nabo wese bajye bamugaburira ingona bororeye nyabarongo.
    Bamwe mubafungwa barimo basaba uwabasha kubatabariza ko yabafasha kuko ubuzima bwabo buri mukaga. Bagira bati nubundi basohoraga abantu ntitumenye iyo barengeye bwacya tukumva ngo habonetse imirambo muri rweru,none natwe batwegereje ruriya ruzi bororeyemo ingona.twabibutsa ko abaturage baturiye ruriya ruzi bamaze iminsi bataka kubera ziriya ngona zororewe muri nyabarongo. Ufite icyo yafasha wese umusanzu wiwe urakenewe.








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