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closure of pharmacies and optical centers that did not meet the required standards
Kayanza, 6 June (ABP) – the minister of public health and the fight against aids, Mrs. Josiane Nijimbere, in the company of the managers of that ministry and the doctor provincial kayanza (North), Have decided to close the optical centers and pharmacies in the urban centre of kayanza which do not meet the standards required before the implantation of a pharmacy, did we found on the spot.
Seven pharmacies on the 15 have been closed, as well as three optical centers. The Minister nijimbere indicated that this activity fits in the context of the implementation of the recommendations of the government pension that require them to follow closely the pharmacies and optical centers which operate by ignoring the standards required by the ministry in charge of the Public Health. These closed structures will be reopened after the inspection to check if they have complied with the required standards, she pointed out, indicating that this activity will continue in all provinces of the country’s health for the interest of the population in particular and the nation In General.
MS. Nijimbere also visited the health centre of gitega where the responsibility for that centre has laid out the expired products supplied by the programme of integrated national food and nutrition to assist the malnourished children. The Minister having public health in its remit cautioned the suppliers that supply of expired products because these can be harmful to the health of the population.

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